Education Streaming

Heritage Christian Online School is offering students a subscription to Discovery Education Streaming at no cost. This online video library contains more than 5,000 full length educational videos including Canadian content correlated to Provincial standards. It has Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Magic School Bus, Bill Nye, and much, much more. Hundreds of Canadian topics include Canadian geography, history and culture. There are also topics on Canadian attractions, famous historical figures, French video and audio files and much much more! Canadian producers contribute content in addition to worldwide partners.

You can search through the library easily to find what you’re looking for.  This is a great supplement to every student’s education.  There are videos covering a huge variety of topics in arts and music, science, language arts, health, and social studies from grades K through 12. Many of these videos are downloadable.

A wonderful feature of Discovery Education is the Teacher Centre. This allows you to search themes and lesson plans, save videos into files to access later, create video boards that will combine writing prompts, quizzes and video content together.

Discovery Education includes wonderful resources like Educational Games to reinforce essential Language Arts and Mathematics concepts through some of the over 100 games like Supernova Sentence Puzzles and Leon’s Math Dojo.

  • Skill Builders to capture students’ attention and develop their problem solving skills. 100 Skill Builders spanning core subject areas get students engaged through hands-on experience.
  • Math Overviews to create pre-lesson or remediation activities with Math Overviews. Math Overviews provide easy-to-understand instructional support for students in grades 3-12.
  • Math Explanations: Access thousands of assets that provide self-paced tutoring on topics directly tied to Math Overviews.
  • Audio Files to listen to important speeches, music, and other educationally relevant audio files to engage student who learn best by sound.
  • More Video to provide educators with the vibrant, compelling digital media they need to connect with today’s students and enhance classroom learning.