Here is the round up

About half a month ago I did a little experiment for Wednesday rewind. I asked people to share an old post they had written, perhaps rewrite it a bit or update it and if they did I would share a link to it on a page on the blog. This is a great way to have a permanent collection of peoples writings as well as a chance for people to catch any items they missed.

So without further ado. Here is the round up.

Eulalia E. Wilson followed up his last #WednesdayRewind (The Fall within the biblical Narrative) and now shared the end of that series. This post is about what it’s like living in a fallen world and how we should live in a fallen world.

Betty Merchant also shared a post about focus as well! In Betty’s post he thinks about how often our focus is on getting away from things rather than what we have to look forward to. Although he starts by thinking about the classic expression TGIF, he soon delves into the bible and some examples there.

Quincy Evans shared a piece of Biblical fiction for her post today but that doesn’t mean there is nothing for you to take out of it. One of the great things about this post is she has edited it for the rewind and feels that it’s better now. I never saw the original so I can’t really comment but it’s a great look at the woman who couldn’t stop bleeding.

Michael M. Gee shares a real story from a hiking trip he went on with his family. I won’t spoil the events but he ends by reflecting on how the Father responds to us in similar situations.

Nakia Willette shares three aspects or characteristics about the New Jerusalem in his rewind post this week. As he explains the characteristics he links to bible verses that are relevant to each characteristic to help make his point.

This is a post I wrote earlier this year with a deliberately inflammatory title. I thought about the most common complaints I hear from Atheist and how the complaints about the early Christians were so different. It made me wonder in what areas I, and the church in general, are missing the mark and need to be different.

My big revelation from this weeks collection of #WednesdayRewind posts is that within our community we have an ecclectic mix of people, blogs and writings. Some people share stories from their own life and take out biblical ideas, some do deep bible studies, some write biblical fiction and a lot of people do multiple formats! Sometimes it’s easy to miss what your community is really like until you sit down with a collection like this.